Graphic Equalizer Studio 2020
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Graphic Equalizer Studio 2020

Keeps the amplitudes constant throughout multiple songs
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Though normally used simply to enhance or weaken certain audio frequencies so that all the trebles and the basses sound exactly the way we like them, equalizers are useful in many other ways. Graphic Equalizer Studio, apart from providing you with full-range 31-band equalization, offers you an “Auto Correct” mode aimed at achieving a linear frequency response for all your audio tracks in order to “normalize” the output of your recordings.

This feature is not only useful for anyone listening to a playlist made up of tracks taken from different sources, but also for professionals requiring similar volume levels for all the audio files they use in their broadcasts. Radio stations are a good example of a professional application of this tool.

The program’s interface shows a graphical representation of a full third-octave EQ, complete with sliders and a customizable spectrum analyzer, that takes up most of your desktop. On smaller floating windows, you will find the Enhancer presets (for pop, techno, classic, small speakers, tape recording, or hip hop, among many others) and a real-time representation of how each of the various adjustments of these presets are affecting the playing track in terms of volume, harmonic bass, drum bass, dry signal, harmonic table, etc.

The app’s MP3 and WAV audio player opens also in a different window and you can use it also as an audio recorder. It includes loop and fade out capabilities, and lets you save as a different MP3 or WAV file the audio resulting from applying your preferred EQ settings. This feature will allow you to turn your inconsistent playlists (in terms of audio reproduction) into normalized sets of tracks that you can equalize individually for the best listening experience.

As a bonus, this equalizer comes with a powerful audio restoration tool for your MP3 and WAV files. You can load any number of files and folders and let the program to restore and normalize all your tracks in just one go. Alternatively, you can stop on every track to add some basic tag information while you are at it.

The trial or demo version of Graphic Equalizer Studio comes with some restrictions. Thus, the equalizer will take a break every two minutes, MP3 to WAV conversion (and vice versa) has been disabled, it won’t allow you to split a WAV file or change the channels of a track, and all support for playlists has also been canceled. Except for these limitations, this trial version will let you check the bulk of the app’s functionality to help you decide whether it fits your requirements or not. This is a professional tool with an amateur price, and will surely make life easier to professionals whose line of work is based on high-quality audio playback and/or production.

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  • 31-band one-third equalizer
  • Enhancing presets
  • Audio restoration tool
  • MP3 and WAV player and recorder


  • Cluttered interface with multiple windows


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